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A Quantum Leap in Refueling Technology

Wiggins Refueling Systems
The development of the Wiggins Service Systems helped to solve refueling problems. It provides safety and cleanliness for the serviceman as well as economy for the contractor. The systems utilize the high efficiency of a closed system.and is more than three times faster than the traditional splash-fill method.

Adel Wiggins Flexible Tube Connectors

  • Full range of stocked size from 0.5" to 4.5"
  • Saves time, space and weight
  • Easy one-hand installation
  • Design flexibility
Adel Wiggins Flexible Tube Connectors and Clamps

Digital Fuel Delivery


Fuelab Digital Fuel Delivery products are the best digital fuel delivery products available for the performance aftermarket and race applications. 

fuelab fuel delivery products

Fluid Control, Inc. is the leading supplier of Adel Wiggins Fast Fuel Systems for industrial applications world wide. Such applications for these Wiggins Service Systems include mining, quarrying and areas where heavy plant equipment needs to be fueled with minimum problems and maximum efficiency. Fluid Control Products is also considered one of the leading providers of High Performance Aftermarket and Motosport accessories such as Fuelab Digital Fuel Delivery Systems and Adel Wiggins Flexible Tube Connectors. Fluid Control Products parts are used by professional race teams in many parts of the world as an integral part of their performance arsenal world wide and they know that when it comes to Fluid management, there is only one place to go, Fluid Control Products, Inc.


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